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I made a chicken sweater!

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My Backyard Life

.             Introduction

 If there is anything anyone should know about me it is that I am scared out of my mind to be writing a book. Although I don't completely suck at writing, I usually prefer doing things rather than writing about them, and despite that I somehow ended up thinking that writing a book was a good idea. However, in the chaos of an inexperienced writer taking on a challenge like this, I hope to share with you my struggles and failures, as well as my accomplishments in the field of chicken keeping. I have learned so much and would love to pass on to others the joy that  I have found while on this journey.
                                                         ~The Little Red Hen~

Chicken bathing!

Here are some cute pictures of Henny and Lizette having their monthly bath!

My favorite goat!

Smegol may be my favorite goat, but that doesn't mean he is perfect. I mean for crying out loud, HE IS A GOAT. perfect is just not in the name.

Occasionally he is allowed to free range in the back of our property. By the end of the day he always finds me in the window of our house, and waits for me to get done with my homeschooling school work so that I can put him to bed. Today I happened to ketch him and the family dog, named Archie, greeting each-other on the driveway. They are so cute:)

Cute is one word to describe this goat, however, he only is called cute when I am in a really good mood. Otherwise he is the devil goat who drives me crazy, that I somehow adore. One of his favorite pesty pass times is to leap into the air above a chicken and try to squash them before they run away. Of course he is no match for the skittish birds we have around he, but it is quite the scene watching him chase fat old chickens to his hearts content.

Here is a sketch that I did last night!

I got the inspiration from a chicken keepers journal I got for my birthday!

The Goats at 3 months old!

When we first got the goats last spring, they were three months old. They were pretty little, and much thinner looking than they are now. I remember the first day we had them they escaped the fence and were calling for me from the porch, probably missing the story book reading that their former owners children read to them every night.

Happy Birthday Naomi!

For this post I just wanted to say happy Birthday to one of my best friends. Wishing you the best birthday ever, have fun on your special day!

It is now the season of Christmas!

Last night I was pretty bored and got to my chicken daydreaming state. I started thinking of how cute it would be to put a chicken in an ugly Christmas sweater and behold, my imagination got to work drawing a chicken using sharpies and a brown colored pencil.

I'm not really sure what breed I made it to be, there could very well be a fluffy Polish crown underneath that hat, or maybe its a silkie. I really have no idea, I just had fun coloring it.

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over I have started to notice the early Christmas decorations being put up, and the ugly Christmas sweaters that store keepers are advertising in shop windows. Honestly it seems pretty early to begin the Christmas cheer, but then again, its never to early to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Maybe this Christmas I will even put a chicken in an ugly chicken sweater... except, doesn't that put me in the same category as the crazy people who put clothes on their dogs? On the other hand,  I am the person wh…

About me!

I just realized recently that I have not really talked about who I am and what I like doing. So here is a post... About me!

I just turned 15 years old and live in a family of 12 (10 kids my mom and my dad).I enjoy playing the Piano, reading, writing, being outside, ballroom dancing as well as swing, cha-cha, salsa and much more. However, I enjoy chicken keeping above all else!I am a follower of Christ and believe in the teachings of the Bible, I go to IBC church in the northwest.I love, love, love singing.I have a big coop with about 10 chickens at  the moment and am in the process of putting together a breeding coop so that I can breed Barred Rocks!I am home-schooled by my amazing mom who has a blog about homeschooling and my family in general( just applied for a swim instructing job at William Shore Memorial pool, a pool that my three older siblings, and three of my families good friends, already work at. My favorite color is red, and my favorite s…

Winner of the Chicken Poetry Contest!

First of all I have been so excited that so many of you entered into this contest. You all had fantastic poems and made the job of judging a difficult one.

However, after a hard decision I picked the poem below due to its fantastic rhythm and usage of words. I really enjoyed this poem especially because of how it reminded me of my favorite BarredRock chicken named Bonnie. Great Job Dawn, your poem is the winner of the Chicken Poetry Contest!!
DawnNovember 22, 2017 at 8:39 PM

My hen is big and is fluffy
Her colors all black and all white.
And although she's as sweet as a pillow,
When I carry treats, she's a fright!
Her comb is all red and wiggly
Whenever she moves her sweet head
And never stops entertaining me
Even when she's gone off to bed.

When I let her out in the mornings
She likes when I tip over bricks
She knows that bugs hide under them
And always the same kinds she picks!
She squawks when I hold and squeeze her
She's a little tricky to please
But I think if I l…

Here is a poem I made for school when I was younger!

I believe I was about 13 when I wrote this, thought I might share it with you guys!

Goldilocks the Orpington buff,
Is super sweet and full of fluff, She is a mother to every hen, And loves to roam around the pen,
And even though she lays few eggs, And has some issues on her legs, I would never even begin to think, Of sending her away from me,
For every cluck that she makes, Has so much love it makes me quake, She means more than the world to me, This bird truly makes me feel free.
This super sweet loving bird, Has turned me into a chicken nerd, Has helped me to learn and grow, In more ways then I even know,
For Goldilocks the Orpington buff, Is so much more than all her fluff, She fills my life with joy and fun, My Goldilocks the Buff Orpington.

Before the chickens!

It wasn't until I turned 14 that my love for chickens really grew. I have always loved animals, but before that enjoyed gardening as my number one hobby. After a fun summer of gardening, that gained me $600 in profit, I moved on to find something more exciting and new to do.

And that's when It all just happened. It started when we got some already laying chickens from my aunt. The chickens had awful leg mites so we had to treat each and every one once a day. We basically set up an assembly line with soaking toats on one end, a feet scrubbing area on the table and the Crisco station where were treated them with medicine, all of which was outside. It was at that point that I really fell in love with the chickens. Being around them everyday made it hard not to feel attached and every since then I have been a crazy chicken lady:)

           On the note of being a crazy chicken lady... There are some lines I don't cross. For instance, if a chicken needs to die, it just needs t…

Chicken poetry contest!

I don't know about you, but I am not a poet in the least. However, maybe there are some chicken lovers out there who enjoy chicken keeping as well as writing poems. However, whether your good a poetry writer or not, or maybe you dont even have chickens, you are invited to give a swing in this contest! The 3 top poems will be posted in there own posts on blog, you can post your poetry in the comments below.

    Chicken Poems!

Sequim Washington Downtown!

Recently was my best friend in the whole wide worlds birthday! We had so much fun shopping around downtown Sequim and enjoying the different stores they have there with some of our other friends. One of my favorite parts about the stores they had there was all the rooster stuff! I have looked around quite a bit in my town and haven't found to much, but Sequim has a huge chicken statue on the sidewalk!

As you can see by my halo in the background on the window, this is right in front of the Over The Fence store. This store was great, it had all sorts of girly stuff like makeup, clothes and jewelry, as well as decorative things and the list goes on! I also enjoyed visiting the many jewelry and craft shops they had as well as getting a nice treat from the cupcake shop, we all had a blast!

Introducing Penny and Pearl Fluffy Butt!

As I may have already written on this blog, I recently got some new chickens from a friend of mine. She was getting rid of her chickens due to them no longer laying and I had the opportunity to grab some of the breeds I wanted. I picked up 2 Barred Rocks, who are older but are laying an egg a day almost the whole week. I also grabbed two ameraucana chickens,one is black and one is white. And last but not least a Hybrid fluffy butted chicken.

Here are two of the White chickens that I got after my sister and I properly cleaned and groomed them for pictures!

Goats on a good day!

Anyone who has ever owned goats knows that 99% of the time goats are stubborn and stupid and about 1% cooperative, but only on good days. However, no matter how awful my goats can be they are the sweetest things in the world, always trying to escape everything just to go and scream at me through the window... Which, is their love language. Regardless of what they do, I don't think I would have an easy time parting with them, it really depends on the day. In the best way possible they give me something to do, they make my dream farm seem more like a reality. Having chickens and goats is just the excitement I need to stay motivated.

The Golden retriever of the Chicken World: Buff Orpingtons

The Buff Orpington is one of the friendliest and most enjoyable breed of chicken to have in your very own backyard. They are easy going towards humans and small kids, and tend to be very tolerant of little hands. In other words, the Buff Orpington is the Golden Retriever of the chicken world.

      Apart from their patient temperament, the Buff Orpington is also a great 'Broody Mama' and can be used to hatch out chicks. Although this can be a plus in many cases, this breeds tendency to go broody has a great weight on their egg production and they tend to only lay under 180 eggs a year.

    Because this breed is a dual purpose breed it can be used for egg production as well as meat. The Buff orpington ranges in many different colors such as white, gold an black and even comes in bantam form. You can find/order this breed from your local feed store or have them shipped through online poultry Companies.

      I have personally owned two buff opringtons before and have be…

Chickens and Goats in the snow story!

Just a week ago PA Washington got some snow and although my family and I enjoyed the scenery, sledding, snowball fights and building snow men, the goats and Chickens were a little less eager to join in on the fun. The goats had to be dragged out of their house, fluffed up coats in all, and the chickens wouldn't go outside almost the whole day.

     The goats have nice winter coats so they weren't to cold, I was a bit worried about their feet getting cold, so I flattened out a cardboard box for them to stand on.  At first all three of the white dwarf goats just stared at me with scared eyes and shivering legs.  However, are smallest goat named Pippin decided he would give the snow a try. He began hopping through the snow and digging his little pink nose into the snow to uncover the grass that a been buried that night. The others soon joined in, and they ended up really enjoying it. My favorite part about watching them in the snow was when Gimley, (the red colored goa…